The Company Admin page Dashboard will present a summary of usage to the users.

  • Click on the drop down on the top left of your screen. From the drop down, click on Admin . This will take you to the Admin Portal. Note that only users with Admin privileges will have access to these pages.

Company Admin

Links to Platform Admin Pages

Should you require a region specific dashboard, the following table of links will take you to each of the region specific Admin Pages.

Platform Region Dashboard link
United States US Dashboard
European Union EU Dashboard
Japan JP Dashboard
South Korea KR Dashboard

Click on the **Dashboard** button on the top. Usage data on a monthly basis is presented here. The dropdown in the upper right hand corner will allow a selection of a different month. Information regarding Core Utilization, Storage, Data Transfer, and Software Charges will be displayed.

Dashboard Summary

Core Utilization

Displays total daily core-hour usage for the company during a selected month. The button at the top right toggles between daily core hour usage and the instantaneous core utilization

Hardware Usage

Displays total hardware usage by core type in terms of hours or charges. The button at the top right toggles between core hours and charges

Software Charges

Displays total company usage of on-demand license charges for the selected month

Storage and Transfer Usage

Top Storage Usage displays the amount of data stored by the top five company members
Top Transfer Usage displays the amount of data transferred to and from cloud storage by the top five company members