ANSYS HFSS Batch Examples

In this section, we present an ANSYS HFSS batch example.

ANSYS HFSS PCI Express PCB Example

This example is a cutout section of a PCI Express Gen 3 printed circuit board. The study is a single frequency sweep to calculate the S-parameters of the section edges.


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Simulation Code ANSYS 19.0 (HFSS)
Analysis Type High Frequency Electronics
Description A single frequency (1.5GHz) sweep analysis of a PCIe printed circuit board
Suggested Hardware Onyx / 8 cores
export TASKS_PER_NODE=-1
for host in `cat $HOME/machinefile`; do ssh ${host} "ansoftrsmservice start; add;"; echo ${host}:${TASKS_PER_NODE}:${RESCALE_CORES_PER_NODE}:90% >> $HOME/work/machinefile.hfss; done
ansysedt -auto -distributed -monitor -machinelist file=$HOME/work/machinefile.hfss -ng -batchsolve ansys-hfss-electronics-example.aedtz
Estimated Run Time 13 minutes