ANSYS Maxwell Batch Examples

In this section, we present an ANSYS Maxwell batch example.

ANSYS Maxwell Rotational Actuator Example

This example is based on a magnetostatic analysis of a rotational actuator. It is a parametric study of torque and inductance characteristics vs. position with an excitation current of 675.5 A

ANSYS Maxwell Results

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Simulation Code ANSYS Maxwell 19.0
Analysis Type Magnetostatic
Description A rotational actuator with an excitation current of 675.5A
Suggested Hardware Onyx / 8 cores
for host in `cat $HOME/machinefile`; do echo ${host}:${TASKS_PER_NODE}:${RESCALE_CORES_PER_NODE}:90% >> $HOME/work/machinefile.maxwell; done
ansysedt -distributed -monitor -machinelist file=$HOME/work/machinefile.maxwell -ng -batchsolve rotational-actuator.aedtz
Estimated Run Time 8 minutes