ANSYS Maxwell Batch Examples

In this section, we present an ANSYS Maxwell batch example.

ANSYS Maxwell 2D Solenoid Example

This example is based on a magnetostatic analysis of 2D axisymmetric solenoid model. ANSYS Maxwell Results

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Simulation Code ANSYS Maxwell v2019 R1
Analysis Type Magnetostatic
Description Determine the force on the core due to the source current in the coil of the Axisymmetric Solenoid model to analyze the saturation points of the nonlinear materials used.
Suggested Hardware Onyx / 4 cores
for host in `cat $HOME/machinefile`; do echo ${host}:${TASKS_PER_NODE}:${RESCALE_CORES_PER_NODE}:90% >> $HOME/work/machinefile.maxwell; done
ansysedt -distributed -monitor -machinelist file=$HOME/work/machinefile.maxwell -ng -batchsolve Solenoid.aedtz
Estimated Run Time 11 minutes