Billing Summaries

The Billing Summary page lists the total usage by Month.

Billing Summary

The usage costs are broken down by:

  • Hardware - amount charged for hardware usage (sum of core hours * price per core hour)
  • Software - amount charged for on-demand software (sum of all on-demand software charges)
  • Storage - amount charged for storage (average TB of data storage * price / TB)
  • Transfer - amount charged for data transfer (total TB of data transfer * price / TB)
  • Connections - amount charged for VPN or license proxy (fixed price)

Other items listed are:

  • Deposits is any prepaid deposit invoiced during the Month
  • Any applied Credits for this Month are also displayed on this page. Applied credits can consist of consumption of a deposit, or usage of trial credits or other customer service credits applied to your account
  • The total usage, Credits and Deposits for the month should add up to the Totals column
    Detailed billing data can be downloaded in CSV format.

See below for an example:

Month 1

Let's presume that a company has deposited a total of $100,000 at the beginning of the month, which is listed under Deposits. This deposit is applied as a $100,000 credit to the account. During this month, usage of $5,600 is accumulated. The usage charges will come out of the existing deposit of $100,000. Hence the credits column indicates -$5,600.00. And in this case, the Totals column indicates an amount of $100,000, which is what the customer paid.

Billing Summary
This total usage is deducted from the total credits. The account now has a remaining credit of $94,400

Month 2

For the following month, if the company has accumulated a usage for $3,400 and has made no additional deposits, the billing summary would be:

Billing Summary

This $3,400 can come out of the remaining deposit of $94,400. Therefore, the credits column indicates the -$3,400. Assume that the company did not deposit any additonal money this month. Hence, the deposits column indicates the amount as $0 in the Deposits column.