BLAST+ Example

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) is a sequence comparison algorithm optimized for speed and used to search DNA and protein sequence databases for optimal local alignments to a query.

Rescale currently does not have any BLAST databases installed on the platform. You will need to upload your BLAST databases in tar.gz format and select it as an input file. When a job runs on Rescale, compressed files are automatically decompressed, so there is no need to decompress the database in your job script.

Below is an example of a query made to the protein database swissport on Rescale.

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Simulation Code BLAST+ version 2.6.0
Analysis Type Bioinformatics
Description Queries BLAST+ protein database swissprot for sequence specified in test\_query.fasta and writes results to test\_query.out
Suggested Hardware Onyx / 1 core
blastp -db swissprot -q test\_query.fasta -out test\_query.out
Estimated Run Time 1 minute