When you submit a job to the Rescale platform, an HPC cluster is provisioned according to your job's hardware settings. You can interact with this cluster on Rescale in three main ways:

  • In-browser SSH - uses the browser interface of the Rescale platform.
  • SSH on local workstation - connect to your cluster using any terminal on your workstation.
  • Connecting to cluster using client/sever enabled only for certain software applications

In-browser SSH SSH Local Windows SSH Local Linux/Mac OS Client Server

This article provides an overview of the procedure involved and the important information you need to collect before starting the procedure. In the list below you can find the relevant keywords, samples and links for more information to connect to cluster.

List Sample more info
ssh public key ssh-rsa AAAAB3N....M7Q==schacon@mylaptop.local Generating SSH keys - Windows
Generating SSH keys - Linux
job-id jffja Finding job-id
username uprod_jffja Finding username
ip address/host name Finding ip address
ssh port 22 or 2036 Rescale Job Setting