Job Archival and File Deletion

Archiving Jobs

Select the jobs you would like to archive from the jobs list page and click on the “Archive” button.

Archive Job

By default, the job’s output files are moved to the trash when a job is archived. You will also have the option to move input files to the trash upon archival.

Archive Job Modal

Recovering Jobs

To recover a job from the archive, navigate to the Archive folder from the left navigation pane, select all the jobs you would like to recover from the list, then click on the “Recover” button.

Recover Job

When recovering a job from the archive, you will have the option to recover job input and output files if they are still available in the trash. If the files have been permanently deleted, only the job metadata will be recovered.

Recover Job Modal

Deleting Files

Deleting specific files can be done through the “Files” tab. Select all the files you would like to delete from the files list and click on the trash icon to move them to the trash. The files in your trash will be permanently deleted within after a duration set by your administrator. By default files in the trash are retained for 1 day.

File Selection

Move File To Trash

While the files are still in the trash they can be recovered by navigating to the Trash folder from the left navigation pane, selecting the files to recover, and clicking on the ”Recover” icon.

Recover File

Files can also be permanently deleted from the trash before the set recovery duration has expired.

Permanently Delete