NX Thermal/NX Flow on Rescale

NX Thermal offers powerful and flexible Finite Volume based thermal analysis for conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer. The extended NX Advanced Thermal product and specialized NX Space Systems Thermal analysis product are included within the NX Thermal environment on the Rescale platform.

NX Flow is a general purpose CFD solver for Control Volume Finite Element Method (CVFEM) based solution of mass, momentum and energy equations for compressible, incompressible, multi-phase and non-Newtonian fluids. The extended NX Advanced Flow product is included within the NX Flow environment on the Rescale platform.

NX Thermal/Flow provides 2-way coupled thermo-fluid analysis capability, bringing together the combined features of NX Thermal and NX Flow. It is accessible from the NX CAE environment on the Rescale platform. The specialized Electronic Systems Cooling product and coupling between NX Advanced Thermal and NX Advanced Flow feature sets are included within the NX CAE environment on the Rescale platform.

The input file for all NX Thermal, NX Flow and NX Coupled Thermal/Flow runs is the standard NX Thermal/Flow xml format, generated using the NX CAE pre/post-processor. No parallel configuration file is required – parallel configuration is done automatically during cluster setup.

The command to launch the solver is of the form:

run-nx –i InputFile.xml

By default, all steps of the solution are run in parallel. The following optional arguments may be used: -p : Disable parallelization. -t : Permit only parallel execution of view factor calculation. All other computations in series.