Hardware On Demand

While setting up the hardware setting of a job, you will see priority options under the Price column. You will have either On Demand, On Demand Pro, or both options depending on the hardware availability. An example is shown below:

Core type selection options

When to Use On Demand Mode

Selecting the On Demand mode will submit your job into the run queue, but it may experience a moderate delay before the run is started. Moreover, once the job begins to run, depending on resource demands, the job maybe be automatically stopped and restarted. Therefore, the On Demand option is not generally recommended for jobs with long run times or subject to upcoming deadlines.

However, the benefit to running the On Demand setting is a reduced price point as compared to the On Demand Pro mode.

Note that there is currently a limit on the number of On Demand cores and walltime you can set on a single job. More information here

Please refer to Rescale Job Service Level Agreement (SLA) here

Meaning of the On Demand Settings

If you do decide to use On Demand mode, when there is a green "i" symbol following the option, this indicates that your job will run immediately in a On Demand mode.

Green i icon

When this symbol is yellow, your job may experience a queuing period prior to execution.

Yellow i icon

Switching to On Demand Pro Mode

After submitting a On Demand job, while it is queued and prior to that job being launched, you can elect to upgrade your job to On Demand Pro mode on the Status page.

The job described in this example was started with On Demand while showed a yellow status. After this job was submitted, it was queued. The queued status is brought to your attention at the top-left of the Status page and in the Status page Job Log, shown below. Notice the Run It Now button at the top-right of the Status page.

Run it now button

This feature allows you you to change your job priority from On Demand to On Demand Pro. The job, which was previously queued in a On Demand state, now satisfies the preconditions for launch and the cluster is started. If you were to go back to the Hardware page, the core type selection will show that On Demand Pro has been selected.