Rescale CLI FAQ

Rescale CLI defaults to the US platform If you are a user on any of the other global platforms (EU, JP, KR, ITAR), please specify your regional platform using the -X flag in your CLI command. For example:

EU rescale-cli -X submit -p <api-token> -i <input-script>
Japan rescale-cli -X submit -p <api-token> -i <input-script>
Korea rescale-cli -X submit -p <api-token> -i <input-script>
ITAR rescale-cli -X submit -p <api-token> -i <input-script>

During the uploading, after each file is successfully uploaded there will be a standard output indicating so. So the user can also redirect the output into a log file so all the successful uploads will be recorded.

rescale-cli upload -p <api-token> -f <file1> ... <fileN> > upload.log

By default, the upload command will return a limited set of metadata for the uploaded file. To see an extended set of metadata, use the -e flag in the upload call:

rescale-cli upload -p <api-token> -f <file1> ... <fileN> -e

Finally, if the CLI is being embedded in a larger script, then it is useful to use the --quiet flag to suppress non-json output from the command. This makes the parsing the response easier:

rescale-cli --quiet upload -p <api-token> -f <file1> ... <fileN> -e
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