VPS Examples

ESI Group's Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) is a solution for virtual prototyping, allowing engineers to conduct virtual testing for multi-domain optimization. VPS can be used to conduct virtual crash tests, interior acoustics analysis, water flow simulation, structural analysis and durability analysis. It allows engineers to validate their design at an early stage saving time and resources.

PAM-CRASH Airbag Example

This example simulates a PAM-CRASH Safe example of an airbag tearing at the seams

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Simulation Code Virtual Performance Solution 2017
Analysis Type FEA
Description Finite element analysis of a deploying airbag tearing at the seams.
Suggested Hardware Emerald / 8 cores
pamcrash -fp 1 -np $RESCALE_CORES_PER_SLOT -nt 1 Airbag_Seams_Tearing.pc
Estimated Run Time 4 minutes
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