Design of Experiments (DOE)

Rescale provides easy job setup to run a design of experiments (DOE). The DOE job type allows you to run your simulation code multiple times for a range of input parameters. These tutorials demonstrate how to use this feature:


Note: You can set a maximum of 100 slots on a single DOE job. See more information here


A templated dry run allows you to review the settings of a DOE job. In order to review the settings, check the box for Template Dry Run after you have completed the DOE job setup. Click on Submit.


You will see a message This is a template dry run - not a real job


On the Results tab, you will see that all the child runs are populated. Here you can verify if the expected number of child runs are being generated.

Child Runs

When you click on one of the child runs, you will see that the variable and the value that is applied to the variable on the child run is displayed.

Results of Child